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Angel Crypto does not charge any fees for registration accounts. To get started, you need to deposit a minimum of 250€.
Apart from providing access to its organizational platform, Angel Crypto also offers investment opportunities for ICO, start-up equities, the selection and execution of managed trading accounts, as well as expert advice.
The platform of Angel Crypto offers custom-tailored investment opportunities to meet the requirements of every type of investor. As a centralized account, the Angel Crypto platform allows the investor to keep track their current balance, all previous investments and the next pay-out. It is also a smart tool that facilitates the investment in various cryptocurrencies which are managed by trading accounts or ICO crowdfunding
Angel Crypto distinguishes itself from other platforms available on the market by incorporating various aspects of trading to organize them into one central account that makes it easier for clients to invest and use.
Rest assured that all your funds are stored safely in our systems that are maintained in accordance to strict security guidelines.
Fees are not charged for any VIP Account. However, if you are not a VIP member, you will be charged small fees that will not affect your balance. Angel Crypto aims at providing users with the lowest fees to ensure user satisfaction.
Kindly refer to our Angel Crypto Partner terminal available on Angel Crypto, register here: https://my.angelcrypto.com/register
Clients are able to cancel, change their position or account type at any stage. Certain changes may entail penalties.
After making an initial deposit into your trading account, you will be able to deposit additional funds via i) My Account Dashboard ii) Telephone iii) Using the ‘Deposit’ button after logging in on the website
The balance available in your account is always open. You may use any available amount from your balance to invest in any product, service or category available on Angel Crypto.
Our experts at Angel Crypto are qualified and highly knowledgeable to help you trade cryptocurrencies on the market. We assist you at all stages of your trading needs, from managing your accounts to helping you choose the ideal strategy to trade. These account strategies are selected based on several factors that your account manager will discuss with you at every stage.   Feel free to contact our team for more information or speak with an account manager: (email & phone number)
Angel crypto will request you to provide specific verification documents to ensure the safety of users and businesses and that they strictly abide by global AML rules. If you are a partner joining our ICO or Equities store, you need to submit your company description and any requested documents that shall be provided to investors.
The support team at Angel Crypto is committed to providing users with updated information and contact in a timely manner. The Angel Crypto team, as well as any third-party investment you have invested with will send you an email.
Yes, Angel Crypto shall process all fund withdrawal requests within 7 business days after receiving notice. To withdraw funds from your trading account, you should send us a withdrawal request (click on the withdrawal request button in your account). Your money will be transferred to you in the same way that it was deposited. For example, if you used a credit card to make your deposit, then your credit card will be credited upon withdrawal. If you deposited money via a bank transfer, your bank account shall be credited.
The minimum deposit amount is 250€ or the equivalent of it. There is no maximum deposit amount.
Angel Crypto accepts all credit card payments, bank wire transfers and payments done with cryptocurrencies.
All withdrawal requests below 150€, will be sent to a customer via Bitcoin.
You may withdraw your funds at any time.
Partners are not required to register to use the Angel Crypto platform. However, Angel Crypto users and investors will have to register to have access to all information, to benefit from the advice that our experts provide on each selected product and to ensure safety and security in regard to the investments of our users.
ICO (Initial Crowd Offering) is crowdfunding for companies that are looking to get started but need the support and backing of Investors. Just like penny stocks, ICO’s operate online and are  vailable to larger audiences through several types of investments and currencies. On the other hand, Pre-ICO refers to the phase that occurs before the ICO is opened to the public. Pre-ICOS  rovides more opportunities for larger investors to buy a larger amount of tokens, with less competition.
Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency originated from the initial concept of the blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies take away the need to have any third-party present in transactions and the overall concept of middleman in P2P exchanges. Cryptocurrencies are still in the process of mining and are being developed with the expansion of tokens and coins.
Crowdfunding makes it accessible for investors to know your business value and invest in your company without taking any ownership rights.